Long Beach Baby SessionBlayke & Family

There are few thing that are equally memorable to a young kid’s mind than long summer days spent on the beach. We have all been there. Sand castles, straw hats, seagulls and lots of water. We love our jobs precisely because we are blessed enough to record those first family memories for our youngest friends. We hope Blayke will look back on those in a decade and think it was a very good day of his life. The happy days of childhood with loving parents when everything is good.

Written by Luc / Photographed by Tim

Long-beach-baby-session-001 Long-beach-baby-session-002 Long-beach-baby-session-003 Long-beach-baby-session-004 Long-beach-baby-session-005 Long-beach-baby-session-006 Long-beach-baby-session-007 Long-beach-baby-session-008 Long-beach-baby-session-009 Long-beach-baby-session-010 Long-beach-baby-session-011 Long-beach-baby-session-012 Long-beach-baby-session-013

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