Photographer Blazej Sendzielski


When Blazej looked through the few remaining wedding photos of his parents he thought it was a pity the photographer was not experienced enough to capture the once-in-a-lifetime moment of his mother and father’s happiest day together. His dad could have done what photographer Chris Niedenthal did – during his own wedding he announced a competition for the best picture among his fellow photographers. Blazej also remembers his dad taking pictures with a Russian Zenith ET which was later passed on to him becoming his first camera. He got into serious photography as early as in 1998. Since then he has been working as a photographer for several press agencies and a major national newspaper in Warsaw, Poland, during which time he gained a lot of experience tackling challenges of wedding photography. After several years of freelancing he is currently mostly committed to wedding and food photography. Now he is also a proud member of Ein photography & design (einphoto) in New York. “Recording the most beautiful moments of a wedding day is the fulfillment and gratification which combines my artistic fascinations and the couples’ happiest dreams. If I can transmit the excitement and the magic of that special day through my images I know I did my job well.” Blazej is a visual storyteller who not only makes sure that the newlyweds have the memorable images that they always dreamed of but also that the bride and groom feel comfortable and unworried throughout the whole wedding experience.

Weddings by Blazej