Photographer Joseph Suh

Joseph knows all too well that weddings go by too quickly, that is why is he believes a photo should freeze time. Weddings are so personal and Joseph looks to get it all, the excitement before the ceremony, the happy tears walking down the aisle, laughing with friends on the dance floor. He aims to get the real moments and enjoys mixing in a few of artistic ideas as well. Each photo Joseph takes is filled with the details, romance, and memories from that special day. “Photography is my passion,” he says, “and capturing and freezing those special moments forever, is my thing.”

As a wedding photographer for the last 10 years Joseph’s experience has led him to believe all good photos should come naturally, never forced. He believes in taking his time but never pushing the bride and groom into shots that are forced. The result? A carefree and relaxed day, where Joseph gets to create beautiful images. By using a photojournalistic approach and an omniscient eye, Joseph aims to capture the event from the ground level up. He believes that photos should show memories as a visual story without words. Joseph knows choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision. But with over 700 weddings under his belt, he has the professional experience to tell your story, the way you would like to tell it. His ultimate goal is to tell the couples visual story through images and evoke everlasting emotions each time they look at them.

When Joseph is not shooting weddings he loves to take it easy and spend time with his wife and two beautiful daughters in their home in New Jersey.


Weddings by Joseph